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Book One UNS Front Cover.png
Unnatural Selection

Leanna Wells stumbles upon an extraordinary chance to assume the identity of a deceased girl. Plunged into an unfamiliar realm governed by rigid rules, she navigates a labyrinth of alliances and adversaries that will shape her destiny. Embracing her newfound existence as the resurrected Nikita Nivall, Leanna grapples with the demands of a formidable female mentor, who tests her boundaries and probes her hidden truths. A familiar foe resurfaces, to unveil her true identity. Meanwhile, Leanna remains oblivious to the startling revelations that will shatter her perception of reality. Little does she know, her entire life is a tapestry of illusions waiting to unravel.

Book Two UNS Front Cover.png

Nikita Nivall embarks on a journey to a new facility, seeking a higher level of training and a fresh start. However, her path takes a treacherous turn as a relentless enemy emerges, hell-bent on exterminating her newfound friends and capturing her. Faced with impending doom, the team is forced into a desperate run for survival. Amid mounting pressure, Nikita uncovers astonishing abilities that defy all imagination. Confronted with an agonizing choice between protecting her friends and ensuring her own safety, Nikita courageously confronts an army of killers, determined to save her newfound family at any cost.

Book Three UNS Front Cover.png
Beyond Midnight
Book no.2
Book no.1

Nikita initiates a high-stakes game, pitting herself against the formidable Dr. Richard Kennedy. With calculated precision, she orchestrates a web of manipulation, strategically placing everyone in her life to secure their future, even if she may not be there to witness it. As Nikita confronts the world's most influential figures, she forges alliances with remarkably influential allies. In this exhilarating culmination, Nikita reveals her mastery on a level beyond her enemy's comprehension, forcing them into a harrowing choice between moral duty and utter sacrifice. With unwavering resolve, she crafts a situation that compels her adversary to confront the consequences of their actions.

Book 3
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